Friday, September 20, 2013

Three for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday random things about our week. The only problem- I didn't take enough photos this week... so you only get three. =)  Hey, I'm new to this teacher blogging gig. I'll try harder next week.

Our Word Wall work is going well. Remember how I vowed to actually use our word wall this year? Well, we are using it daily. We have about 10-15 minutes when one group or the other is out at recess. The students each get a word a day. This is individualized to their needs according to our Adapted Dolch Word testing. Monday-Thursday they get a word practice page. Then on Fridays we do a Word Wall activity. I'm using several activities from this freebie pack here. This weekend I plan on making a few of my own to add to the fun.

We started our new place value unit. I really liked these place value names by Amy Lemons. We did a variation of the activity. For my little guys, cutting out all of those ones blocks would have taken years... so they just cut down the tens rods. They also only used their initials. This was a great activity to see where everyone was at with counting ones and tens. For my little guys, it was very clear that we need to go back to counting 21-50.

We finished up our "If I were a pirate" writing and craftivity from this pirate unit. They turned out adorable! We started off with making a pirates can/have/are chart. Then the students used ideas from the chart to help them with their writing. They worked really hard and enjoyed this activity on a Friday. Next week we're going to have all kinds of fun with maps and cardinal directions.

So there you have it... a few of the activities we did this week in our class.

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