Tuesday, November 22, 2016

20 Questions

In my very spare time, I really enjoy scrapbooking. It's not something I get to do often enough. I go on a retreat twice a year... and that's about as much time as I get. Other than the Project Life app on my phone. I am trying out the digital Project 365 (366 this year) format this year and am hoping that by the time the year is done Becky Higgins will be printing bound books directly from the app. That's my hope!
A few years ago I created "20 Questions" books for my girls. I can't find the original source, but this certainly was not my original idea. I typed up 20 questions and used an 8x8 album. I prepared 10 years worth of questions for my girls, for ages 3-13. 
Now each year around their birthday, we sit down and I write down their answers. Now that my oldest daughter is old enough to write her own answers, she takes great pride in writing out her answers.
I then have an 8x8 inch photo printed at Costco and insert it on the left side of the album across from her answers for this year. Costco seems to have the best prices, and an 8x8 is only $1.79 each.
My girls look forward to filling out their questions each year. They also LOVE going back and reading what they wrote when they were younger. 
You think you will remember these things when your children are young.... but you won't! Why not document your kids favorites year after year? If you'd like to try out a 20 Questions book for your little one, here's a free printable you can use. You can simply print the PDF format to use the same questions I did, or you can edit the questions in Power Point. 
I created these books a few years ago and couldn't find the original document for you, so I've made a new one with a title page.
Have fun! You won't regret starting this with your kiddos!