Monday, July 15, 2013

Daily Question

Last week I made a Menu board inspired by Rowdy in Room 300.  This week I have another project inspired by her blog as well.  She has a Daily Graphing Questions product up at TpT that will be perfect for my class this coming year. This pack comes with more than 180 questions to use throughout the school year. This is a perfect addition to my Morning Meeting time and we can follow up with the graphing activity sheet on days when we need some extension of the activity.

If you pop over to Rowdy in Room 300 she has an excellent tutorial on how to make these magnetic pizza pans that came from the dollar store. In order to make the yes/no boards you'll need two pizza pans, some wrapping paper, modge podge, and a spool of thick ribbon.  I put my ribbon on differently than her tutorial. My hot glue was not sticking to the wrapping paper, so I glued it to the edge of the pizza pan. I opened up a spool of polka dot ribbon and cut it in half. It was the perfect length to make the boarder around the pan. I love my black and white theme!

I used the magnetic paper (I found it at Michaels with all the magnets) and fed it right through the printer to make the yes/no headers and student name labels. I was smart this year and made a few blank ones. Last year I got two new kids during the year and had to recreate so many things. This year I am making extra of every thing just in case!

I printed and laminated the 180+ questions for the year. Then came the question of how to store them. I decided to put them into a Sterlite plastic box from Target for easy storing. I was excited to find this perfect container that holds the cards. Due to the fact that some of the questions are seasonal, I decided to make month dividers using my McGill divider punch and gluing them to cardstock. This way the questions are organized and easy to find throughout the year. I'll add a book mark as I use the questions so I know what we've used and what's next.

I'm excited that I finally figured out how to use the Silhouette I borrowed from a friend. I have a feeling that there are going to be many, many projects involving vinyl and the Silhouette before school starts. A Silhouette Cameo is on my love list. Someday.


  1. Two weeks in a row that I am totally in LOVE with your Monday Made It. I'm moving to Cali for you to make my classroom and home stuff!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Thanks Alison! I enjoy having the time to create fun stuff during the summer!