Saturday, November 28, 2015

Making a List... Checking it Twice

The big Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Smile Sale is nearly here! I'm filling up my cart with all the must haves to get me through the next couple months. What's on your list?

Close Reading- it's new to my classroom and a challenge for my students. I found these simple Close Reading activities from Mrs. Thompson's Treasures. I tried out the Fall pack and loved them! I need the rest of the sets for the rest of the school year.

I am in LOVE with these interactive writing activities by Jessica Tobin. They include real pictures that help my students really understand what they are writing about. It makes it very concrete, which is exactly what we need. I used the Fall pack during the last two months and fell in love. The writing rubric is perfect for grading the paragraph. I am looking forward to seeing progress by the time we get to that summer pack!
If you're looking for something fun for your classroom, why not try my best selling product? This set gives you 18 different activities to use as word work centers with any word list. It's super easy to prep and go. 

My whole store will be 20% off starting Monday! Go fill your cart and have fun cyber Monday & Tuesday shopping! Don't forget to go leave feedback for your past purchases to earn credit toward your purchases you'll make on Monday!

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