Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Calendar Skill Sticks

 Yesterday I talked all about our class meeting routine. One of the things we use in my class are Calendar Skill Sticks. 

After we do most of our meeting, each of the kiddos pulls a stick from our Calendar Skills can. These questions challenge the students and work on those calendar skills that we don't hit on everyday, but are essential questions.

The student reads and then answers the question. If they need help, we work together as a group to answer the question.

Today I am giving way two of my Calendar Skill Sticks! This product has 36 calendar related skills questions. Simply print them out on white or colored paper and then glue them onto large craft sticks.  Pop them into a labeled can and you are good to go. Easy peasy. Add these Skill Sticks to your calendar routine and challenge your students.

Enter to win a set for your classroom below. I'll pick two winners on Thursday morning (9/10/15).


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