Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Super Summer School

 It has been yeeeeears since I have taught summer school. For six summers I have been content to be a stay at home momma to my two girls. For six years before that I worked at Camp Hapitok, giving back to a program that helped guide me to becoming a teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing. So really, I can't even remember the last time I taught summer school. But it is what it is and the extra paycheck will be nice in the end.

I figured I needed to create a fun and engaging environment for all of us so we don't dread coming to summer school everyday... and so far it's working! We are on week two and the days are literally flying by! I look up at the clock and it's already time to pack up and go home. So it really isn't a bad gig.

We are doing a summer hero theme this summer, and we're having a blast with it. The boys are all over it. The girls in my class are actually enjoying themselves as well.

I really wanted to focus on language arts skills this summer. We spend a mere 30 minutes on math and the rest of the 3 hours is dedicated to reading, writing, and overall language arts skills. This is where my deaf/hard of hearing students need the most practice.

I've been working on a big superhero unit to use this summer. It seems like I am adding to it daily when new ideas or needs come up. I am hoping to have it TpT ready soon. It has some great centers and activities. Having all of these materials ready to go for each week has made working summer school so much easier! I walk out at the end of the day and get to go home to my girls and go play and enjoy our summer afternoons together!

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