Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tech Savvy

We're starting the new year with a computer unit. We are set to take the new Smarter Balanced Assessment this spring and my students are NOT ready with the tech component of taking the test on the computer. We visit the computer lab once a week and practice our typing skills and do other activities, but we are not ready.

So over break I searched high and low for some simple computer units and activities to do with my students. I honestly couldn't find very much. So what's a girl to do? Create her own!

We started our computer lapbooks today, and put up our first tech vocabulary words up onto our computers word wall. One of my kiddos called the mouse a "remote". Yup, we've got lots of work to do here. We'll do an Arthur's Computer Disaster read-aloud later in the week using all the new activities I've created.

By the end of the week my FOUR new laptops should be arriving. We are going to be 21st Century learners for sure!


  1. The mouse is not called the remote? Lol! Hooray on getting four new laptops! That's going to be exciting stuff right there! Can't wait to hear what you guys are up to with them!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

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