Sunday, June 2, 2013


We recently finished up reading The Popcorn Book by Tomie DePaola.  I wanted something fun for our last classroom read aloud of the year. We learned all about how corn is grown and harvested for popcorn.  We had a popcorn taste test by sampling four varieties and graphing our favorite flavor. We did this fun popcorn adjective activity. Then we wrote about popcorn.  I'm sure this was my student's favorite book to read and activities we did all school year. Food seems to keep them motivated! :)
When we read the book, we kept our anchor chart of vocabulary. The students made these cute little popcorn boxes to store their vocabulary words they wrote on popcorn pieces. They turned out adorable and it was a great way to practice reading our new vocabulary words.
For our final activity, we wrote about popcorn.  It was perfect to be able to differentiate the levels with the same activity. The older students chose a few adjectives to write on their popcorn pieces in their popcorn buckets. They also had a higher level writing template to use.

The younger students wrote three simple sentences about their popcorn taste test. It's been a challenge this year being able to differentiate for all levels of students I have in my class. At times it wasn't perfect and I felt like I had to pick the middle and run with it. But I know that each and every one of my students made excellent progress this year, so I'm happy with that.

Here are some of the resources I used for this unit:

Let's Get Poppin' with Adjectives!
Popcorn and Movie Day! Theme Days for End of School! -Free
Popcorn Prepositions!
Popcorn! A Five Senses Mini-Unit- Free
Math - Popcorn Graphing- Free
Popcorn Box Template- Free

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  1. I would love the popcorn bag graphic you have on yellow paper I can't find it in your links. Do you remember where you got it? THANKS!