Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's On!

It's been a while since my last post. Its been busy, busy around my classroom! Between lots of IEP meetings, getting a new student, and state testing I haven't had a minute to breathe... let alone take pictures.

I dread this time of year. The excitement builds and the countdown to summer begins. But it also means testing time. My students also get restless and it's hard to get them to focus.

Luckily, I knocked out the majority of the state testing this past week. I have to test all my students from 2nd-6th grade. All of them have the accommodation that I will read/sign the math questions. That way it's really a math test and not a reading test. I just get so frustrated with state testing. I have 6th graders taking the 6th grade test but reading at the first grade level. It's a waste of time for them and for me. Let's give them a test that will actually measure progress rather than practice in filling in pretty patterns on a scantron form.  It's hard not to feel deflated as a teacher by this whole process.

The countdown has begun- 24 DAYS LEFT!

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