Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Minecraft Day

So I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Although the school year is over, file this activity away for next year when you need an end of the year filler.

My students are crazy for Minecraft. Partly because I went to a workshop on Minecraftedu back in May. I introduced the game to my students and we went through all of the training modules that Minecraftedu offers. Friday afternoons for the last hour we did Minecraftedu. I will be purchasing the licenses for my classroom this year. It's a one time purchase for the amount of computers you are using, not the number of users.

When I was looking for some fun theme days for the last week of school I just knew that we had to do a Minecraft day. Of course, TpT to the rescue! I found this great STEM Engineering/Minecraft Engineering unit.  I printed it out and gathered a few simple supplies for the tasks.

These activities lasted all.day.long.  It was perfect. I was able to get paperwork completed and get my room organized while the students worked. Most of all, it was great for my students to work together as a team on some of the activities. They had to communicate and figure out some of the tasks together. Group projects for my students is quite a challenge and something we are working on in general.

I also used some of the left over supplies from a Minecraft birthday party that a few friends and I helped throw for a friend's son. The students used 1x1 inch squares to create a Steve face. I loved how they each turned out so unique!

I might just have to repeat this day again at the end of the next school year! That's how much the loved the activities.


  1. Oh fun! The kiddos in my class always love Minecraft. I still don't understand the whole thing, but I should probably learn! lol
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Super fun! I bet the kiddo loved it!