Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday- Froggy Edition

 I'm linking up with Doodle Bug's Five for Friday linky party to show you five things about my week. This week has been all about frogs! We started our frog unit and the kids are really having a lot of fun learning and creating. We had minimum days Wednesday through Friday. Since the schedule was different, we were able to get quite a bit done with our frog unit.

Our live tadpoles finally arrived! These guys are big, but not ginormous like the first ones that arrived DOA. The students are really enjoying watching them during their free time. We started our frog observation journals this week.

We started reading Frog and Toad are Friends. It's the perfect little chapter book for my kiddos. I'm using this little Frog and Toad are Friends Integrated Unit for many of our follow up activities.

Making friends and keeping friends is an on-going theme in my room with my students. So this book is helpful in reminding the students what makes a good friend and what that looks like. This cute craftivity literary response worked well after reading "The Story" chapter.

We also did a food chain activity this week. We talked about who eats what and how a food chain works. This little writing activity was the perfect repetition my students needed. This activity came from this curriculum book.

In math, we worked on some froggy word problems.  I love how their water color paintings turned out. The activity included frogs to color, but we had enough time to squeeze in a frog directed draw. Now they are perfect! I love the character in each of their frogs!

Now it's time to enjoy the weekend! It's supposed to be in the upper 80's this weekend. That is just going to make me ache for Spring Break! It's about a month away. Sigh.


  1. I love all your activities Kelly! I bet your kids are so motivated and excited about the tad fun!
    Teaching and Much Moore

  2. All of your frog craftivities are super stinkin' cute! How fun. Where did you order your tadpoles from?

    1. Thanks KaSandra! I ordered the giant tadpoles from Great customer service!

  3. Hip Hop...Hippity Hop! That tadpole home looks AWESOME! I have never seen one of those before. I like how you have the books displayed around the table too! Did the table come like that??
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Thanks Alison! The tadpoles were way too big for the little tadpole habitat I borrowed, so I used a co-worker's old fish tank.

    The table is one of those $7 IKEA tables. One of my students was over there this afternoon and he turned one of the Scholastic basic book stands over and put it on the edge of the table. BRILLIANT! It makes a great book holder!