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One of our main focuses in my classroom is on Fairview Learning. Fairview Learning is a supplemental reading program designed specifically for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students. We spend each afternoon doing "Fairview Learning Time" which include rotations through Guided Reading, Adapted Dolch Sight Words, Alphabet (for our kinders), Guided writing, ASL development and centers. You can find out how I organize my Fairview Learning time here.

A big piece of Fairview Learning is having students understand the Adapted Dolch Sight Words in order to improve their overall reading comprehension. Mastering the Adapted Dolch words increases fluency in both English and American Sign Language.  I have found that many of my students need additional practice with their Adapted Dolch sight words beyond what the Fairview Learning program offers. So here are some of the resources I have created and use in my classroom to support learning the Adapted Dolch Sight Words. These activities are not only for use in a Deaf/Hard of Hearing classroom. The Dolch Word lists are basic sight words used in both general education classrooms and Deaf/Hard of Hearing classrooms. 

Dolch File Folder Activities

I have created a file folder activity for each of the Dolch words from Preprimer to the 3rd grade level. These activities are perfect to use as a center activity or individual work. They can be purchased in a bundled set or by individual grade levels.

Dolch File Folder Activity Storage (Freebie)

Once you have your file folder activities, you're going to need a place to store them. This freebie offers level dividers and a way to label a crate for easy storage.


Dolch Student Dictionary

This Dolch student dicitionary offers various levels, depending on the grade level of the student or their reading level. Each level builds upon the previous so by the third grade level all of the Dolch words are included from preprimer to third grade. It also includes blank dictionary pages as well as a visual dictionary pages for students that need pictures.

Dolch Sight Word Wall

Working in a multi-age classroom, using a word wall was difficult. But this color coded sight word wall allows students to easily look for 'their' words by looking for a specific color. The word wall includes all Dolch sight words from the preprimer to the third grade level.

More Dolch activities are coming soon, so check back later!

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